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Please read carefully, so we don't waste both our time:

  1. All information will be kept private & confidential and not given out to third parties. Read the Privacy Policy
  2. This link / banner exchange is for both our benefit, if you decide to remove my link / banner from your site without telling me, i will do the same with your link / banner. Why should i go to all the trouble of putting you up on my site when you don´t do the same for me? Unless you want to pay me to advertise your site! I´m sick of people asking me to exchange banners and then won´t put mine up, or even worse only putting it up for a few weeks and then taking it down but not telling me. I do check whether my link has been placed on your site and if i find that it isn´t, yours will be taken down without notice, you have been warned! If you try to apply again it will be rejected.
  3. If you change your address or delete your site, please tell me, otherwise i will delete all dead links to clean up my site.
  4. Only websites that i think are appropriate will be considered. Your site will be put up solely at my discretion. eg adult orientated websites are not accepted.
  5. Your banner must be no bigger than 468pxs by 60pxs, in jpg or gif format only.
  6. File size must be under 50 kbs.
  7. The following types of site will not be allowed to become affiliates, they are too easy to setup and then you forget about it when you decide not to look after it anymore :
    • Forums. You need to have more than 50 active members if you want to apply.
    • MSN Groups / Yahoo Groups.
  8. Make sure you actually have a website. I know that sounds crazy but its true. People send me banners for sites that they will "build soon". You need to have it up and running before you can apply.

Affiliate Application Form

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