Hey... I hope you like my Delta Goodrem fansite. Its exactly that, a fansite (hence the name delta goodrem fansite dot com).

I AM NOT DELTA, so do not fill in this form thinking you are talking to Delta. All mail addressed to Delta will be deleted without a response.

Please read this before filling in the form below

  • Please be aware that i am NOT Delta. I'm just some guy who made a website.
  • I have nothing to do with her, I donīt know her or anyone associated with her.
  • DO NOT email me thinking that you are talking to Delta! She doesnīt even know this website exists. All mail directed at Delta will NOT be answered, because I AM NOT DELTA... have i said that enough? ok
  • I CAN NOT pass on messages to Delta either so DO NOT send them to me because i DO NOT KNOW HER or where to send it to.
  • iF Ya RitE SuMtiN' LiKe "dęLtS Is dà bÖmB". It will be deleted because i donīt have a clue, or iīm too lazy to figure out, what the hell you are going on about... delta has a bomb? delta and brian? If Delta can write properly so can you!
  • Do NOT put me on your mailing list, the first thing i do when i see FWD in the subject line is deleted it, i donīt want it. Do NOT send me jokes either, i will block your email if you do. I get more than enough email from this site to last a lifetime and sorting them into junk is not fun.
  • If you donīt like Delta, thats fine, but I donīt want to read a ten page essay on it. DO NOT SEND IT TO ME. If you donīt like Delta, how come your on a Delta fansite????
  • You might have noticed that there are no downloads on this site. Do NOT ask for mp3s or any other kind of downloads, go and support Delta by buying her single / album / dvd / concert tickets.
  • Read the Privacy Policy before filling in the form below.

I hope the above hasnīt put you off contacting me, iīm a really nice guy... really ... no really. Just a little note, the first time i got a message saying "Delta your amazing...." was interesting but after the 50 millionth one it gets quite annoying and rather boring (yes i know shes great, i even made a website about her)

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