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Delta Goodrem Discography

Australian Promo

Interview Disc

This disc was given out to radio stations to help promote Innocent Eyes.


Interview Questions

  1. What are your feelings now that the album is finished?
  2. What was your experience of making the album?
  3. ‘Born To Try’ has been a No 1, triple plantinum success for you. Where were you when you found out ‘Born To Try’ was Number 1?
  4. It has been incredible people have embraced ‘Born To Try’. How do you feel about that?
  5. ‘Its just the beginner’ is something you say alot, isn't it?
  6. While you're passionate about music, you also play alot of sports. How did that help you?
  7. What did your parents say when you said you wanted to be a singer?
  8. You sang the national anthem on your demo tape. Have you sang it anywhere else yet?
  9. What is the whole process of writing an album?
  10. Who have been your songwriting idols?
  11. You wrote or co-wrote most of your album Innocent Eyes. What sort of album did you want to write?
  12. How has Neighbours helped you combine your love of acting and singing?
  13. Tell us about your schedule when you where shooting Neighbours and recording your album.
  14. Is it true you get into trouble for singing on the Neighbours set?
  15. Tell us about your goals.
  16. Track by Track - Born To Try
  17. Track by Track - Innocent Eyes
  18. Track by Track - Not Me, Not I
  19. Track by Track - Throw It Away
  20. Track by Track - Lost Without You
  21. Track by Track - Predictable
  22. Track by Track - Butterfly
  23. Track by Track - In My Own Time
  24. Track by Track - My Big Mistake
  25. Track by Track - This Is Not Me
  26. Track by Track - Running Away
  27. Track by Track - A Year Ago Today
  28. Track by Track - Longer
  29. Track by Track - Will You Fall For Me