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Delta Goodrem Discography

Australian Album

Innocent Eyes

Album : Innocent Eyes

Deltas' first studio album.

Singles from this album in order of release : ‘Born To Try’, ‘Lost Without You’, ‘Innocent Eyes’, ‘Not Me Not I’ and ‘Predictable’.


  1. Born To Try
  2. Innocent Eyes
  3. Not Me, Not I
  4. Throw It Away
  5. Lost Without You
  6. Predictable
  7. Butterfly
  8. In My Own Time
  9. My Big Mistake
  10. This Is Not Me
  11. Running Away
  12. A Year Ago Today
  13. Longer
  14. Will You Fall For Me


Release Date: 24th March 2003
Highest Position: #1
Sold in Australia: 14 X Platnium
Platinum = 70,000 units
Current as of: 22nd March 2004