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Delta Goodrem Discography

Australian Album


Deltas' third studio album.

Singles from this album in order of release : ‘In This Life’, ‘Believe Again’, ‘You Will Only Break My Heart’ and ‘I Can't Break It To My Heart’.


  1. Believe Again
  2. In This Life
  3. Possessionless
  4. God Laughs
  5. You Will Only Break My Heart
  6. The Guardian
  7. Bare Hands
  8. Woman
  9. I Can't Break It To My Heart
  10. Brave Face
  11. One Day
  12. Angels In The Room


Release Date: 20th October 2007
Highest Position: #1
Sold in Australia: 3 X Platnium
Platinum = 70,000 units
Current as of: 7th April 2008

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