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Delta Goodrem Lyrics


words & music by Delta Goodrem, Kara DioGuardi, Jarrad Rogers

I smile
You say I take your breathe away
You say you love me and you make
All the right promises to break

And when I turn around you're always there
Like that's the proof you really care
But I see right through you and I think
To myself


You're just so predictable
In every way
I want you to know I know your game
It's so unbelievable
How you never change
You won't get away
With loving me
You're just so predictable

I run
You say you won't give up the chase
You say you'll follow me anyplace
So you can make the same mistakes

You know just what to do
And how to use the best of you
To try and change my mind
But my eyes are opening this time
And I read you


Now that I know your every move
How you gonna hide baby what you gonna do
Now that somebody knows the truth
About you and how you're just so