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Delta Goodrem Lyrics

God Laughs

words & music by Delta Goodrem, Steve Kipner, Andrew Frampton, Wayne Wilkins

When you come from a solid foundation
It freaks you out when the ground starts shakin'
And everything around you is breakin'
Mom was goin' crazy together to keep it
Dad's two lives he was keepin' it a secret
When we found out we couldn't believe it


We're all walkin' on quicksand
When we're busy makin' our plans, god laughs, yes he does
We're all walkin' on quicksand
When we think that we understand and god laughs

I've been a sound board tryin' to be neutral
Born in the middle, it's hard to be useful
It's been hell if I had to be truthful
Oh! when people grow apart
And people can change
But it leaves a lotta mess
That someone's gotta clean up
It happened here to the family that I love

chorus x2

And we're so stupid if we think that we control
All the dark matter at the center of this black hole
It's gonna pull us under if we don't let go

chorus x3