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Delta Goodrem Lyrics

Four Short Words

words & music unknown

I woke up this morning
And my world turned grey
That emptiness, you've gone away
Explained it all in four short words
Can't take any more
And our lives were turned

In spite of it all
I couldn't explain
How it got so bad
How you caused this pain


And when I close my eyes
I hear the voice that I
Have been missing for so long
And though you said goodbye
I know that I will try
To hold you once again

Those words were true
You were right all along
I understand, now that you're gone
I hope this time
I'm not too late

'Cause in your hands you hold our fate
And in your tears
I see the truth
I was so wrong and i'm missing you


All this emptiness inside
It just can't be real
It just can't be real

It can't be real
No, no
It can't be real

And when I close my eyes
This can't do for so long (?????)


I can't let you go
When I close my eyes...