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Delta Goodrem Lyrics

Believe Again

words & music by Delta Goodrem, Brian McFadden, Stuart Crichton, Tommy Lee James

Have you ever stared into the rain?
Thought the clouds would never disappear
Have you ever screamed out in the dark?
Thinking no one else could hear

I was leaving footprints
Tainted by my past
On this winding road to you


I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight I believe again
My heart was a broken place
And now I feel whole again
And you bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
And I believe
I believe again

Have you ever spun out of control?
Like you never saw the road ahead
Have you ever just kept looking back?
Ever closer to the edge

I was praying for the light
I see in your eyes
I had all but given up


I believe the impossible is possible to overcome
I believe in the miracles
Born from love in everyone

repeat above x 4