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Delta Goodrem : TV Archives 2008

Carols in the Domain

Channel: 7
Time: from 8:30 pm
When: Saturday, 20th December 2008

Late Show With David Letterman

I think we are one day ahead because of the timezone, so it should be shown in Australia on Thursday.

US Time

Channel: CBS
Time: late night
When: Wednesday, 24th September 2008

Australian Time

Channel: 10
Time: 11:15pm
When: Thursday, 25th September 2008


Delta is a guest reporter and is going to take us to her favourite skiing spot.

Channel: 9
Time: 7:30pm
When: Thursday, 18th September 2008

Domestic Blitz

Channel: 9
Time: 6:30pm
When: Sunday, 31st August 2008


Channel: 7
Time: 6:30am - 9:00am
When: Wednesday, 27th August 2008


Channel: 10
Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm
When: Sunday, 17th August 2008


Channel: 7
Time: 6:00am - 9:00am
When: Thursday, 2nd April 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Channel: 10
Time: 7:30pm
When: Monday, 31st March 2008

Max Sessions

Channel: Max - on Foxtel
Time: 7:30pm
When: Thursday, 28th February 2008